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Baby's Grasp


Like most people I was apprehensive for the birth of my first child. All this changed when I started the hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel. Rachel took the time to answer all my questions no matter how silly. She also put me completely at ease with the birth event and actually made me look forward to the big day. From the hypnobirthing sessions I decided I wanted to have a home birth. With Rachel’s help it made me confident in my decision. When I signed up with Rachel I was new to hypnobirthing and had not tried any from of mediation before. Me and my partner practised the scripts along with Rachel’s guidance. During the practising I often fell asleep but Rachel assured me I was following the guidance correctly. We recorded my partners voice on my phone reading the scripts so on the big day he was free to support in other ways. I can honestly say this experience changed my birth. I was calm and welcoming of the big day and when it came I knew exactly what to do and expect from Rachel’s sessions. During the labour I listened to the scripts as we had practised and I went into a very relaxed state. My birth was very quiet as I was listening to the scripts which helped me to remain calm and welcome the next contraction. The birth didn’t go exactly to plan but from the sessions with Rachael I remained calm throughout and didn’t get upset when the birth plan changed a little. To me the hypnobirthing sessions were invaluable not only did the scripts help keep me calm but having so much support before the birth made me fully prepared and relaxed for any eventuality.

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