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Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, our midwife led KG Hypnobirthing classes show you visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques for a more relaxed, comfortable and positive birth.

With such a powerful connection between the body and mind, these hypnobirthing techniques will help you view giving birth differently and empower you to make informed decisions to achieve the birth you want. Birth partners, will also leave feeling confident and understanding the importance of their role. They’re often the biggest sceptics and end up becoming the best at promoting hypnobirthing! 


Our KGH classes cover:​

  • The powerful connection between the body and mind

  • The process of birth

  • Fear release 

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques 

  • Preparing your body for birth

  • Being empowered to achieve the birth you want

  • Massage techniques

  • The role of the birth partner

  • The fourth trimester - feeding your baby and what to expect for yourself, your partner and your baby in those first few weeks after the birth. 


You'll also receive:

  • Continued personal support from midwife Hannah (Surrey) and midwife Rachel (Sussex) until a few weeks after the baby is born.

  • Regular emails with useful tips and positive births to watch

  • A postnatal home visit (private classes only) and organised postnatal meet ups with other parents

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

  • The KG Hypnobirthing class relaxation MP3s so you can listen to your scripted relaxations anywhere

These classes take place over 13 hours in 7 x 2 hour sessions.