Guildford & surrounding areas

About me 

Hi there! I’m Hannah, midwife, wife and mumma to three little ones, Ada who is three, Eleanor who is two and Rupert who is one! I qualified in 2010 as a midwife with a first class honours degree, and feel just as passionate about caring for women and their families 10 years on. During this time, I’ve worked in several different maternity units, and in all aspects of maternity, including obstetric units, birth centres and home birth teams. I've witnessed first hand how important knowledge, confidence and trust is between a woman, her family and her health care provider. The more knowledge, confidence and trust, the more empowered the woman and her family feel leading to a more positive birth experience.


I qualified as a Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGHypnobirthing) Teacher in 2013. I admit, along with most people who hear the term hypnobirth, I was a bit of a sceptic. But, I was astounded at how much sense it made, and how simple the techniques were. Since then, the popularity of hypnobirthing has increased and I see more and more women using these techniques to achieve the best birth for them. I found hypnobirthing an incredibly powerful tool for my own births, and I’m certain that for me personally, there would have been very different outcomes had I not trusted my own body’s ability and had the confidence to ask questions.

What else?

I also have lots of local knowledge as a midwife and mum of additional support available during pregnancy and postnatally with your baby. I feel privileged to be a midwife and now a mother and am looking forward to supporting you and your family through your pregnancy and birth!